HTML5 Browser Compliance

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Total Score: [Javascript failing or not supported, no scoring possible]
[0 is a perfect score] — ver 1.1, 20-Sep-2010

HTML5 <input> types

type=   HTML5 Attribute List   [An empty grey box means not applicable, a red/white TYPE means not implemented]
accept alt auto
checked form
form no
height list max max
min multiple pattern place
required size src step width  
button                                                 button
checkbox                                                 checkbox
color                                                 color
date                                                 date
datetime                                                 datetime
datetime-local                                                 datetime-local
email                                                 email
file                                                 file
hidden                                                 hidden
image                                                 image
month                                                 month
number                                                 number
password                                                 password
radio                                                 radio
range                                                 range
reset                                                 reset
search                                                 search
submit                                                 submit
tel                                                 tel
text                                                 text
time                                                 time
url                                                 url
week                                                 week

Misc. HTML5 Elements

Element Support Notes
<audio> No  
<canvas> No  
<command> No  
<datalist> No  
<details> No  
<device> No  
<form> Yes  
<iframe> Yes  
<meter> No  
<output> No  
<progress> No  
<time> No  
<video> No  

Other HTML5 Feature Support

Feature Support
ContentEditable Attribute No
Cross-document Messaging No
Drag & Drop No
Geolocation No
History No
Local Storage No
Microdata No
Offline Web Applications No
Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) No
Server-sent Events No
Session Storage No
Web Simple DB No
Web SQL Database No
Web Sockets No
Web Workers No
Undo No
This page is the result of my poking into HTML5 to see what was new vs: older versions of HTML. I relied heavily upon Mark Pilgrim's excellent book: HTML5: Up & Running, the Modernizr HTML5 detection library, and the time-saving jQuery library. I won't guarantee it's perfect, but it is as accurate as I could make it with a full day's effort.

I arbitrarily assigned a score to your browser based upon taking away points for NOT implementing HTML5 features. Missing <input> types cost 10 points. Missing attributes cost 1 point. Most missing elements and other features (e.g. Geolocation) cost 10 points as well, but I made <audio> and <video> each worth 20 points as I thought they were particularly valuable and important. says this page validates without errors as HTML5 though warns that HTML5 is not yet a static target. It also gives a thumbs-up to the CSS though some of the included stuff gets a bunch of warnings.

H Marc Lewis — September, 2010