Lewis' LightBox

A PHP Webpage for displaying photos in the Apple™ 'Light Box' style...

V1.1 — H. Marc Lewis  —  5-Apr-2011

Installing LightBox

  1. Download lightbox.tar.
  2. Unpack it into the directory with your images, e.g. '/yourimages/'.
  3. Load http://www.yourdomain.com/yourimages/ and run the configuration page.

That's it!

More Explanation

This utility is a "drop-in" to a Website directory that contains photos (JPG, JPEG, PNG or GIF) which you'd like to have nicely dispayed as thumbnails such that clicking on a given thumbail will cause a full-sized image to appear centered on the current page.

It requires that your Web server support PHP and the GD image library, and that you know how to extract the lightbox.tar file into its sub-components (using 'tar' or 'winzip' or similar). You also need to be able to ftp (or whatever) to the image directory to copy the components and two sub-directories (one empty, initally) to the target image directory.

From there, just visit your directory by URL and my program should run and walk you through configuration, or tell you what's wrong with regard to file read/write permissions. Once configured, it is ready for your friends, family, etc. to view!

What LightBox does

See this example.


Copyright © 2011 by H Marc Lewis.