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An image "Light Box" tool

A PHP-based tool to drop into a directory of images on the 'net which will auto-generate thumbnails and produce an Apple Macintosh style "Light Box" display where clicking on a thumbnail results in a larger version of the photo popping up over the center of the page. Super easy to use (provided your Web server does PHP)!

HTML5 Browser Compliance

My version of Web page for determining how well your browser supports HTML5. The most comprehensive version of such a test is probably this one: — but I had fun writing my version, and learned a bit about HTML5 in doing so. I also wrote a page to show your location using the "geolocation" feature of HTML5.

Web Page Design Aid

A simple tool for picking background and text colors, fonts, and a few other basic CSS elements without needing to install any software packages.

Sample <form>

A Sample FORM with just about one of every type of form gadget you could want. Clicking on the form's SUBMIT button invokes the link immediately below...

Display FORM variables & ENVIRONMENT variables

A PHP page to display the Parameters & ENVIRONMENT as seen by the Web server. Useful for debugging a <form> — just set the target of your form's "ACTION=" attribute to point to "". You can also point to it via an <A> link, and see what info your browser sends to the Web server, and what info the server provides to your browser.

HTML Character Entity References

The HTML 'magic' for specifying symbols like: ©, , ÷ — plus letters from non-English languages like: ö, é or special characters like: Ω, , , , etc.

HTML Source Viewer

A CGI tool to display the HTML source code for a specific page. Shows you what your browser gets (headers & HTML) before it does any interpretation of it. Now handles redirections too...

Automated HTML page builder & publisher

A small collection of tools to automate the construction of a series of HTML pages from a base template plus a bunch of 'content' files (one for each desired page). Also optionally FTPs to a specific domain and 'publishes' the files there, including subdirectories, images, documents, etc. Works on OS/X, Linux and Windows systems.

WebShow image gallery generator

A package using a perl script to generate a nicely formatted slide show via HTML pages, with an index page of thumbnails, and lots of options.

Misc. Stuff

A 216 color pallet of "Web-safe" colors. Somewhat depricated nowadays.

A color pallet of color names known to X-windows.

Web pages with colored rectangles of specific sizes, useful to size a browser window to exactly cover one of the desired size, and thus have a test window to check your layout.